Indented wide dark scar from recent cyst removal punch excision by plastic surgeon. Does it look normal? (Photo)

After 7 days, stitches were removed. Scar was light, looked good, small line. Now day 4 since stitches out, line much darker, deeper, wider. PS said maybe infection, so given antibiotics. Is there any hope this will flatten out/lighten up? PS is stumped, and I cant find anything like this on the internet to compare to. Please help, I am very scared I will permanently be disfigured, and I don't know how to treat it in the mean time to speed up healing and not mess it up further. Thank you.

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Scar After Facial Excision

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Scars can form from any type of surgery.  This is the typical look after 7 days, post suture removal.  Typically I have patients use Biocorneum three times a day.  After 2-3 weeks if the scar isn't less red we do a combination of Excel V laser treatment (which treats the scars redness) and either Fraxel Dual non-ablative laser resurfacing or ActiveFX ablative laser resurfacing (for the texture).  But honestly, after 6 months this will be much less noticeable, likely inperceptable.  However, it is common to have a scar like this after cyst excisions.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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Scar after facial cyst excision

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Yes, your scar does not look so good at present.   You might try some Kelocote or bioCorneum on the scar twice a day and apply and let dry.    The bioCorneum has both silicone and sunscreen so that is a good choice.    Do this for 4 months and no surgery.  After 6 months a revision can be tried.  The antibiotics are a good idea also but I doubt a significant infection.  Nevertheless stick with the antibiotics.  You will be fine.  My Best,  Dr C

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