How Important is It to Wear my Surgical Bra?

I am currently 10 days post op and have been told by my doctor to wear my surgical bra for up to 6 weeks. I currently am only wearing it at night as it is VERY uncomfortable and gives me hideous shaped breast when worn under t shirts. I have 425cc high profile saline implants under the muscle. They look amazing when I'm not wearing the surgical bra. I'm just wondering how important it really is to wear this thing 24/7. I know some doctors require no surgical bras post op. I'm confused??

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The bra IS critical after breast augmentation

I have been doing breast augmentation for over 25 years and in the last 3 years I have become increasingly restrictive about wearing a specific bra I fit to the patient (not just any bra, but a specific brand and size that is fit to them by me).  I ask that it be worn 24/7 X 3 months except showering.  I also restrict any activity that might move the implants like running, jumping, pec weight training, yoga.

That seems like a pain to most patients until I show them photos of how perfect the results are now by doing that with absolutely no subtle downward or outward drift that used to be considered "normal settling."  I wouldn't have ever believed what a difference it would make until doing this myself and folowing all the results closely at monthly intervals. 


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Use of Surgical Bra after Breast implant

The use of surgical bra in the first 48 hours is to assist haemostesis in the surgical planes and in the pocket created for the implant. Its therefore is most important part for my patients .In the first ten days a surgical bra is supposed to take the weight of silicone gel implant which in fact are quite heavy for someone who never had any weight in front of the chest. And thereby helps to reduce the pain .However if the cup part of the surgical bra is too tight then it can becomes the source of pain and same is true for the lowest part of the bra .It should not be too tight. While using the bra the shoulder strap should not be loose otherwise the entire purpose of the bra to take the weight is lost. This is also true that a sports bra may be more comfortable after the initial period of first 3 weeks.

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Bra after Breast Augmentation?

Although the use of a surgical bra  is probably not “critical”, I would suggest that it would be in your best interest to follow your plastic surgeons advise. Ultimately, he/she is responsible for your care ( not online consultants).  You may want to run this question by him/her and you may be pleasantly surprised.
Best wishes.

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Surgical bra after augmentation

Thank you for your question. I often recommend that patients find a sports bra that opens in the front and that is comfortable to wear. They can take breaks during the day and I also encourage breast massage after a week. It is important for your implants to move around and develop a comfortable space (or capsule) within the breast.

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How Important is It to Wear my Surgical Bra?

Most physicians will have their patients wear either a sports bra or surgical bra after a breast augmentation.  It is usually to provide support in the early post op period.  I typically have patients wear a sports bra for about 4 weeks.  You should follow the recommendation of your surgeon.  

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Importance of Surgical Bra after Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question.  What you will undoubtedly find is that there is no universal standard when it comes to the use of a sports bra in the immediate post-op period following a breast augmentation.  Each surgeon has their own specific philosophy and post-op protocol (including the use or non-use of a light weight sports bra), and I would recommend that you discuss your experience with your operating surgeon who is most familiar with your specific case.  In my practice, I have all of my breast augmentation patients wear a light weight cotton sports bra with front closure for the first four weeks, 24/7.  During this period, I also have my primary augmentation patients wear a light weight breast band to help facilitate the settling process of their implants.  With that said, there are times and specific cases where due to patient discomfort, occupation, or due to the particular nature of the patients procedure that I will curtail use or make different recommendations.  

Follow up with your operating surgeon and discuss your concerns and discomfort.  Your surgeon is most familiar with your specific case and is qualified to make the most appropriate recommendation.  Best of luck!

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How Important is It to Wear my Surgical Bra?

It is important to wear bra after breast augmentation. I always ask my patients to wear post op bra continuously, so that the body is held in position throughout all the period of recovery. Surgical bras are designed to make you as comfortable as possible after your surgery. Whatever kind of breast surgery you are having - breast augmentation, mammoplasty, breast reconstruction, a breast lift, or breast implants, you will need some time to heal after your procedure.
In my every day practice I see that both of us - my patient and me want to make sure the breast has necessary support and the right amount of pressure in post op period. Surgical bras are designed to keep circulation moving, stabilize implants, and help the body to heal more quickly.
I recommend my patients wearing surgical compression for both comfort and health reasons.

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Wearing Your Surgical Bra

The #surgicalbra acts as a “dressing,” holding the breasts in position. If the bra feels too tight or hurts, switch immediately to sports type bra that feels comfortable. You should wear the bra at all times for at least three weeks. You will probably be more comfortable if you do not wear an underwire bra. You should always use support.

For any concerns and questions about your #healing or #post-op, you should speak with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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Follow your surgeon's advice

I recommend you wear a bra for the first eight weeks of recovery to minimize the risk of displacement. However, you should really ask your surgeon, as they may have different guidelines 

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Why The Surgical Bra Is So Important

At the one-week follow up, I instruct my patients to continue wearing the surgical bra if they like it and/or are comfortable with it. That said, they can wear any sports bra they like as long as it is snug, provides support for the breast, but not be too tight or compressive, and does not have any underwire

The reason you don't want an underwire is because the underwire can dig into the incision while it is still healing. This could create complications, which is something that all patients and doctors want to avoid!

The patient can return to a wired bra once the incision has healed. This is typically at 4 to 6 weeks. By this time, the patient will have had their one-month follow up.

I hope that answers your question regarding the surgical bra. It’s great that you’re doing this research. I always say that the best patients are informed patients.

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