How Important is It to Get a Phase2 Garment After Lipo? I'm Having a Hard Time Finding One.

I'm 17 days out from vaser lipo of the abdomen ,flank, upper back, lateral thigh, anterior thigh, knee, sacrum and mons and vaser smooth to the buttock and back of thighs. Basically from nipples to knees. I'm still in my phase one garment, had to buy a second smaller one after a week ( first one shredded ). I'm back to work full time; off all meds and feel I'm back to baseline, except for swelling in my feet and ankles.

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Garments are the surgeons responsibility

Garments must be provided by the surgeon.  Of course they are cost accounted for but the surgeon must provide them.  This Phase 1 and Phase 2 nonsense is just that...NONSENSE.    I routinely will give a patient between 6 and 8 garments.  Initially a larger garment is used and as the swelling dissipates I provide PAIRS of smaller and smaller garments.  Some patient may go from 2X or 3X down to  large or X Large.  Every one is different.  Tiny patients get down to small or petite.  So all this is simple.  As the patients shrinks, it is my responsibility to porvide the appropriate  garment.  Patients love this, and I am at peace knowing they have exactly the correct garment size....IN PAIRS.  My Best,  Dr C

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Phase 2 lipo garment

How important is a phase 2 garment.?  I do not use them.  Many surgeons do not even use liposuction garments. It is best to ask your surgeon his preferences.

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Compression garment -after Vaser

Thank you for your question.

Wearing a correct compression garment after your body sculpting is paramount. Stage 2 compression garments considered to be of less density and apply weaker compression when most of swelling has gone. So they are easier to wear.Overall people wear compression garments for 6-8 weeks.

As legs take much longer to recover -due to upright position and the longest route lymphatics have to drain post-operative swelling -so your tighter compression leggings might be needed longer there -may whole 6 weeks.

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