800cc Silicone Implants After Double Matectomy - Implants Look Like Mounds, Not Natural or Cleavage. What Can I Do?

I have always had big Boobs and cleavage .i found out i had cancer. Praise God im cancer free !Had a full double mastectomy But i just had my silicone implants High profile 800cc put under my muscle on 8/12/10 , But my breast dont have much cleavage and no round look actually area that the scares are at stick out and give me a squared off look no real round sticking out look they look like i have 2 mounds under stretched skin with no real definition.. Can this be corrected ? So sad at my Look

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Breast reconstruction

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If the breasts look kind of squared off, then perhaps they need a revision surgery to make them look better?

Breast reconstruction looks like a large squared off mound

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AS stated, it is still fairly early after your surgery and the reconstructions have not had time to mature. Alternatively, autogenous tissue reconstructions do offer more natrual feeling breast reconstrucitons but do involve extensive surgery.

Unnatural look after breast reconstruction with implants

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For women with very large breasts, they often have very large body frames. In these situations, implants may simply not provide the size necessary to recreate the preoperative breast. Options for these women are either to use abdominal tissue (TRAM or DIEP flaps) which may provide significantly more tissue for a breast reconstruction, or to perform liposuction and skin contouring procedures to make the implants stand out better on the chest wall. Also, you are very early after your operation. You need to give yourself some time to heal and allow the implants to settle. Nipple reconstruction also helps in "defining" the breast - ie turning a mound into a breast. I recommend discussing these issues with your plastic surgeon.

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Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Results After Mastectomy

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You are still very early after exchange of your implants, so I would not worry at this point.  Let eveything heal and give it a month or two for everything to settle into postion.  Also, if you do not have nipples reconstructed at this point, that makes a huge difference is making the breasts look more like a breast and less like a mound sitting on your chest.  I hope this helps.

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