50 Too Old for Breast Implants?

What would reasonable expectations be for a woman over 50?

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Go For It!

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You are not alone. It is quite common for women in their late 40s and early 50s to have breast implants. It actually makes good sense because this is often the time when women have less family obligations and are then able to begin focusing on themselves.

From a plastic surgeon's standpoint, as long as you are healthy, 50 is still young. I think this is a great time for you to spoil youself and feel good about the way you look. You are definitely not alone and I think you will be so happy with your decision to proceed forward once you find the doctor that is right for you.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Implants At Any Age

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Your birthdate is not as important as your overall health.

If you are healthy and active, you may be a candidate for an electivr cosmetic procedure.

See a board-certified plastic surgeeon to discuss your goals and determine if you are a good candidate fir breast implant surgery.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
4.7 out of 5 stars 45 reviews

Too old for breast implants??

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There is no age limit on implants.

Instead, in my practice, the issues we focus on are:

  • Are you healthy enough for surgery?
  • Do you have realistic expectations for the outcome?
  • What type of implant will best suit your needs?
  • What are your physical and physiologic characteristics and how can we get the best result taking those into consideration?

... In other words, the same things we consider for all breast augmentation patients.

Here are some things that can be different for patients aged 50 and over, that I try to pay particular attention to:

  • Most people in this age group have some degree of breast ptosis (sagging), which must be taken into consideration to provide a good outcome.
  • Have you received a mammogram? Patients at an age for routine mammograms who are considering breast surgery should have had a recent mammogram.
  • Is your skin elasticity poor?

Find a good board certified plastic surgeon and have a complete evaluation.

Good luck!

Age is just a number

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Dear Mtn-mama,

Age 50 is considered young in my book. There is no magic age above which you shouldn't have breast implants.

If you are healthy and have no contraindications to the surgery, you can readily and safely undergo breast augmentation.

A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area will determine what is necessary to get you to your goal, i.e., you may need a breast lift, as well as, or instead of breast implants.

Good luck!

Happy Birthday! Age in itself is not a contraindication for breast enhancement.

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About 20% of my augmentation patients are in this age group. Many women think that because gravity was not kind to them, that an augmentation will fix this. If you think that in a bra you have enough breast volume, than a lift might be more appropriate. If you feel that you would like more fullness on top to balance the hips, thae an augmentation might be the better choice. The better your skin elasticity, thickness and lack of stretch marks, the better the results. Also, remember that if you decide to have an augmentation, there will be at least another operation in your life time related to the first surgery. Good luck!

Age is relative

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Hi there-

The short answer to your question is definitely NO. I have successfully enhanced the breasts of women older than yourself- with a great deal of patient satisfaction.

The most important issue is really not your age, but your state of health. As long as you are healthy and have a good understanding of your goals, the procedure and its likely outcome, recovery, and risks, you are a good candidate.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon you like and think you can work with and discuss your options and candidacy for the procedure.

As long as you are healthy there really is no age limit on breast implants

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I don't believe that there is an age limit for breast implant surgery. I have performed primary augmentation mamoplasty on patients as old as 76.

Older folks may have medical indications that would prohibit elective cosmetic surgery but there is no reason to deny them the chance to have their breast enlarged. There is also a higher chance that they may need additional surgery to simultaneously lift their breast or reshape their breast.

Those older folks have been every bit as happy as my younger patients.

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants are not age-specific

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As long as you accept the fact that breast implants are not permanent solutions in that changes will continue to occur to your breasts such as sagging, changes in volume and quality of your overlying soft tissues. and ongoing concerns with cancer detection, you may still be a good candidate for breast implants.

Whether you will need a lift as well or whether the implants by themselves can produce the results beneficial to you should be addressed by your plastic surgeon.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Not too old for implants!

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I've taken care of a lot of patients who wanted breast augmentation at ages 50 and older. 50 year old patients are at no greater risk than their healthy younger counterparts.

If this is what you'd like, I'd encourage you to follow through with the idea and meet some doctors in your area and get some more information and see if it's right for you!

Dr. Kaufman

Not Too Old For Breast Implants

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You are not too old for breast implants.

Patients aged 36 - 50 years are the second most likely age bracket to get breast augmentations, just following the 19 - 35-year-olds.

Plastic surgeons usually require that anyone over 45-50 first get medical clearance from thier primary care doctor.

Your plastic surgeon would evaluate you and come to a decision the same way he would anyone else. He would take your measurements and find an implant that fits your body and personal beauty goals.

Given that you are older, your breasts may have more sagging and your skin may be looser. Depending on the degree of sagging, you may want to consider a lift as well. Looser skin helps accommodate implants that are high profile and extra high profile.

I hope that answers your question on age limit for breast surgery. It’s great that you’re doing this research. I always say that the best patients are informed patients.

You might also want to research your options for breast implants. Choosing the right implant is the number one concern among women considering breast augmentation. Did you know, there’s actually a way to select a implant shape, size, and profile that is perfect for you?

A term that I use with my patients for the perfect implant is the “Pony Implant”.

So what do I mean by “perfect”? Well, a Pony Implant has three qualities to it. First, the implant meets your beauty goals. For example, you want to your breasts to look fuller while still appearing natural.

Second, when you chose your Pony Implant, you walk out of your consultation 100% confident that you’ve chosen the right shape and size for you. In other words, you won’t be second guessing your decision, and you won’t be afraid of having gone too big or too small.

And third, after your procedure, you are thrilled with your results, and say, "I’m so happy. This is exactly what I wanted!"

That’s the Pony Implant. And the great news is that there is a simple process to go about finding yours.

This issue of selecting the right implant is so important when it comes to patient satisfaction or dissatisfaction that, again, I really encourage you to learn more about it.

Thank you for reading and best of luck on your journey!

William Rahal, MD
Beverly Hills Physician
5.0 out of 5 stars 73 reviews

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