I Recently Got the Coolsculpt Done, is It Normal to Be Numb in Areas I Didnt Receive the Treatment In?

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Coolsculpting and numbness

Actually it is possible to have numbness outside the treated area and this will usually occur with numbness in the front of the leg or in the groin when the side of the abdomen is treated.  This occurs because the sensory nerves running to the front of the leg and the groin acutally run down from the side of the abdomen just under the fatty tissue.  If the Coolsculpting procedure happens to cool down this nerve enough, it will disrupt the nerve transmissions and cause numbness.  Fortunately, this will be temporary but it can take up to six months to completely resolve.

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Coolsculpting Can Produce Temporary Numbness in the Treated Area

Thank you for your question and photos. Temporary numbness is common after the Coolsculpting.  It is not uncommon to have delayed onset of pain around 5 days after Coolsculpting.  The discomfort is due to inflammation of the tissue. Not everyone has pain or numbness.  The intermittent discomfort tends to subside within a week. It generally takes a couple of  weeks for the swelling  subside. The numbness can take longer to resolve, especially with the larger abdominal Cool Max applicator.  I do recommend compression for at least 3 weeks or until he numbness has resolved.  We utilize the new Cool Advantage applicators which are much more comfortable and reduce treatment time to 35 minutes.  We currently have 4 Coolsculpting machines and can offer "Dual Sculpting" which further reduces the treatment time.  I recommend keeping in touch with the office of your treating provider and regular follow-up.  Best wishes

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Numbness can occur with Coolsculpting as can the reverse, sensitive skin.

Depending on the location, it might be the case that the area treated causes numness of a nerve's dermatome (the area of the skin that is allowed to feel touch and pain) even though the area is in an adjacent area but not the area of treatment. This is similar in patients with back problems such as herniated discs and have  nerve irritation in the spine which can cause leg pain, except in the case of CoolSculpting, numbness can be created temporarily.

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Numbness after coolsculpting

While this is uncommon, it has been known to happen.  If a sensory nerve was affected by the cooling process, the territory it serves could be numb for a while.  Fortunately, these always recover over 6-8 weeks.

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Numbness in areas not treated by Coolsculpting

This is not typical when treating abdomen or flanks but is theoretical possibility when treating off label areas such as thighs or arms that might have impact on a sensory nerve dermatome beyond the treatment area.

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