If I Have Reynauds, Are There Risks to Coolsculpting?

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Raynaud's and coolsculpting for fat loss

There is a difference between Raynaud's disease, which is not known to be precipitated by any particular medical condition, vs. Raynaud's syndrome in which the Raynaud's phenomenon of fingers and toes turning white, then blue then red, is associated with several conditions, some bieng connective tissue diseases. One particular associated condition, cryoglobulinemia might have serious exacerbations if a patient with this disease had CoolSculpting.Although most Raynaud's disease patients have the phenomenon occur when they're exposed to cold ambient temperature or cold temperature applied directly to their skin, it is doubtful that freezing the abdominal subcutaneous fat will cool off the core temperature of warm blooded human beings enough to cool the finger tips, toes, nose and earlobes. However, the Zeltiq company certainly didn't test this, nor apply to the FDA for clearance in such individuals. It would be a risk for anyone with Raynaud's to have CoolSculpting, and I would not recommend it, unless definitive scientific testing were done proving the safety.

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Raynaud's phenomenon & CoolSculpting

Great question.  Raynaud's is basically a cold-induced spasm of the blood vessels.
It would be a bad idea for you to have CoolSculpting, which works by freezing, if you have this condition.  You should choose a different method for your fat removal - like Liposonix, one of the radio-frequency devices or perhaps surgery.

Thomas Fiala, MD
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Reynauds and Coolsculpting

That's a really good question.  I would advise you not get a CoolSculpting procedure performed if you have a history of Raynaud's phenomenon or disease as the cold temperature may precipitate an epidose of Raynaud's.  I would suggest you schedule an appointment with a qualified physician trained in cosmetic procedures to see if you would be a candidate for another, non-invasive fat-reducing procedure that does not involve cold temperatures such as Liposonix or Zerona.  Good Luck!

Joshua L. Fox, MD
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Raynauds and Coolsculpting

Raynauds is a relative contraindication for Coolsculpting. In our practice we do not treat patients with Coolsculpting if they have Raynauds.

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