Should I Be Suspicious of a $99 Zoom Denist In-Office Teeth Whitening Offer?

There are a few specials on Groupon and other marketing venues offering Zoom at $99 for Denist In-Office Teeth Whitening. Can you tell me if this sounds realistic and if it can be the entire, full procedure without any short cuts or leaving out a key component (like trays)? If so, how can dentists afford to do this? Also, do you think this low of a price would compromise quality or safety? Thank you!

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$99 Zoom whitening

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It depends on the dental office.  I highly recommend doing some research first by reading online reviews on sites such as Google Local+, Zocdoc, Yelp, etc.... before purchasing any deal.  There are many good dental offices looking for ways to introduce themselves to potential new clients, offer good customer service, and make your experience positive.  As with anything else, buyer be ware.


Peter Mann DDS

Manhattan Dentist

Suspicious of Zoom Offers on Groupon

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This is what's commonly known as a "loss-leader". The dentist hopes to "sell" you other services once you are in his/her office. As far as "trays" go, it very well might NOT include take-home trays for you to do touch-ups at home. That might be extra. Read the fine-print and call the office in advance to find out.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Should I Be Suspicious of a $99 Zoom Dentist In-Office Teeth Whitening Offer?

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$99 for an In-office Zoom Teeth Whitening sounds like a bargain. Like most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You ask if you will get the full service, with no short-cuts, and including the trays for follow up whitening. I doubt it.

There are a few offices that CAN deliver what you asked. Occasionally a reputable office will run a promotion to gain a farther reach into their community. In those very limited situations, you could get the full service (I doubt that you would get the trays too).

Most of the time you will get an abbreviated version, get rushed through, get an assembly line type of experience. This can also affect the safety of the process as well.

Candidly, Zoom works well for some people, but not for everyone. Before you jump into Zoom Whitening, I would consult with a good cosmetic dentist. He can help you get your teeth their whitest in the most comfortable and cost-effective manner.

I have seen MANY people do all sorts of teeth whitening over more than twenty years in practice. The key is to find the right process for YOU.

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Buyer beware

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The cost of the material to the dentist is somewhere around 100 dollars. This does NOT include the cost of the chair time (usually about an hour of office time). Without going into too much detail I can tell you that  no office will ever do any treatment  at a financial loss, thereforeI think you can pretty much draw your own conclusion.

Aria Irvani, DDS
Irvine Dentist

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