Can I Go From a DD to a Perky and Firm C?

I have DD breasts with moderate sagging. Would like sm-full C. I like the look of kourtney kardashians. Perky, tight from the implants but not super fake looking. Is it possible to get this with a reduction and lift. I really want the tight firmness you get with the implant! Like the ability to wear a tube top without a bra if needed.

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Can I go from a DD to a Perky and firm C ?

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Breast reduction surgery can improve significantly the shape of the breast especially when a vertical breast reduction is performed. However, with time ,gravity will make the breast look deflatedvon the upper part of the breast. Breast implants on the otherhand help to maintain a firm  perky look.

If you are going to have a breast reduction surgery a vertical breast reduction  such as superio-medial pedicle breast reduction will help to look as perky and firm as it can be without breast implans.


Traci Temmen M.D

Breast Reduction Surgery Specialist

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Vertical (Lejour technique) breast reduction will give you firm C cup breasts.

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1)  With breast reduction, the technique is all important.  The vertical operation reshapes the breasts internally and gives you long lasting good shape.

2)  It is also a minimal  (lollipop) scar technique.

3)  But if you want to be rounded on top (which is fake looking but many people like it), only implants will do that.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Reshaping the breast with a breast reduction / lift

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Your desire to go from a DD to a C and change the shape of your breast is very reasonable and can be accomplished by a breast lift / reduction.  Many times I use the patient's own breast tissue and fold it up under the breast to give more upper pole fullness and simulate the use of an implant.  This is termed a vertcal mastopexy with a dermal pedicle autoaugmentation.  

Breast reduction and 'C' cup

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A breast reduction, does just that - reduces the size of your breast.  In doing so, it will also shape your breasts and bring your nipple-areolar complex to a more appropriate position, as those that typically require breast reduction will have large and ptotic ("drooping") breasts.  A breast lift does the same, however, the difference being that not as much, if any breast tissue is excised. Both will give a rejuvenated, fuller, and more "perky" appearance of your breast shape.  

Now, what you are wishing for, it sounds as if you may need an implant along with your breast lift in order to accomplish the results that you are looking for.  While the concepts of reducing the breast and also placing an implant may sound antagonistic, it is certainly an option for those seeking for an appearance similar to what you are describing.  It is difficult to answer your question without examination, but it is certainly possible to get the results that you describe.  A consultation with a plastic surgeon to evaluate your breasts and assist you in making the decision as to which procedure(s) would be right for you in achieving the results that you desire is advised.   Thank you for your question!  Hope that these answers help!

Firm breasts after reduction

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Most of the firmness you will have after a reduction is going to come from your natural breast tissue.  If it is mainly fatty, firmness will be hard to achieve.  If it has a lot of firm breast tissue, we can get a firmer result.


Using an implant can help, but it requires performing a more extensive reduction and then making up for the volume with an implant. there are limits and pitfalls to this approach and your surgeon will need to exercise their judgement here.

Reduction and "C" cup

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A reduction may give you the volume of breast your looking for. It is difficult to say for sure without seeing you, but it will not give the look of an implant.

Breast Reduction and Achieving a “Firm” C Cup?

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Thank you for the question.

 Generally speaking, patients who undergo breast reduction surgery do not achieve the “tight firmness” that can be achieved with breast augmentation surgery. I would suggest that you communicate your goals clearly with your plastic surgeon and make sure that you have realistic expectations prior to proceeding with any type of surgery. In regards to breast size desired, also communicate carefully. In my practice the use of goal pictures are helpful in this regard; a discussion of cup size can be confusing and imprecise.   Therefore, I would not suggest that you communicate your goals and/or base your satisfaction with the outcome of surgery on achieving a specific cup size.

 Best wishes.


Can I Go From a DD to a Perky and Firm C?

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This is quite a common question and unfortunately the answer is decidedly NO. Breast augmentation in a woman with little breast tissue looks full and round because you are primarily seeing the shape of the breast implants. Breast reduction and lift to a C cup look will look like a younger woman with a C cup breast, not a woman with implants.

Perky after a breast reduction

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Without seeing photos its impossible to answer your question for your specific case. Generally speaking, the shape and firmness that is achieved after a breast reduction is not the same as is achieved with a straightforward breast augmentation. The upper pole of the breast will not be as full with a breast reduction in most cases. While you can have a breast reduction and implant placed at the same time, this does add significant risks to the surgery. Best of luck.

Paul Wigoda, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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