I Damaged my Eye with Glycolic Acid?

i left glycolic acid 30% on the brow of my nose and it must have spread to my eye and i left it there for exactly a minute... now my eye looks a little droopy... how can i get my eye to look better? I have some damage/ unwanted effects of glycolic acid on my UPPER eye lid near the tear ducts... it made it look more depressed/caved in.. i put some 30% glycolic acid on the bridge of my nose and on the top bridge where it meets the brow and a little bit near the eye tear duct area and left it there for a min... could you tell me where else i should use glycolic acid and what precautions i should use. and could you tell me when this will or if this issue will repair its self? thanks.

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Damage from glycolic acid

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At this point, I'd suggest a visit with a dermatologist. First of all, no peels or acids should ever be used within the orbital rim, and absolutely not on the upper eyelids near the tear ducts. You may have done some, I'm sorry to say, substantial damage, and need to see a physician. Chemicals like these, regardless of if you can buy them online or not, should absolutely not be used by untrained hands. Make an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible.

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