I Had a Breast Augmentation 2 Years Ago. When I Exercise my Breasts Really Hurt?

I had a breast augmentation 2 years ago. when i exercise my breasts really hurt. Could this be damaging or do i need to find a better sports bra. I've tried soo many! even wearing two! can someone recommend one i may not of tried. Thank you Louise.

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Breast augmentation is seldom a long-term cause of breast pain.

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Breast pain two years out from breast augmentation after exercise would unlikely be the direct cause of breast implants. The weight of the implants might contribute to the force on the connective tissue of the breasts during vigorous exercise.

Exercise and breast implants

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I would need more information to give specific advice about exercise-related breast pain, but it sounds like the issue is how to best support them. If they are too large for your level of physical activity, then there may not be a bra made that will compensate; that is one reason why women opt for breast reduction. I have seen cases where the pectoral muscles are the source of discomfort when implants are under, but this seems less likely.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation, Exercise, and Pain

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Thanks for posting the question!  It is unlikely that you are doing any damage to the implants by exercising.  It could be that the added weight of the implants are stressing the surrounding the tissues when you exercise and causing the discomfort.  I suggest you see your surgeon to examine you and perhaps get a clearer picture of your situation.  Best wishes!

Brian Howard, MD (retired)
Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon

Exercise and breast augmentation

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It is unclear why you would have pain two years after breast augmentation. It is best to go for a consult to figure this out.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast pain

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It is not clear as to the cause of the pain based on your description but more support maybe necessary.  I would certainly return to the surgeon who performed the initial surgery to be evaluated.

Gary A. Tuma, MD, FACS
Princeton Plastic Surgeon

Breasts Hurt 2 Years after Breast Augmentation

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   Breasts hurting following exercise 2 years after breast augmentation may be no real cause for concern.   This may be a purely support issue that can be managed with better bras.  Larger breasts would be more likely to cause this pain.

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