How Often Do I Have to Get Thermage to Maintain the Results?

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How Often Should I Get Thermage?

Thermage as a technology has evolved greatly over the past several years.  I have owned a Thermage machine and undergone several optional upgrades in order to offer my patients the latest in Thermage technology.  After a Thermage treatment, you will see immediate tightening.  However, the heat stimulation from the procedure causes new collagen formation over the next six months after the procedure.  I usually tell patients that Thermage is a one time procedure that can be repeated in 1-2 years based on the looseness of the patients skin and their age.  As you get older, you may need the Thermage procedure more frequently to maintain your results.    I generally tell patients that are happy with their result and want to repeat it, to wait the six months to see your full collagen regeneration before booking another Thermage.

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Maintaining Thermage Results

In some cases patients need more than one treatment to meet their needs, putting into consideration many people might be candidates for plastic surgery, but wish to not go under the knife and choose Thermage. I suggest Thermage should be done every 2-3 years to maintain the results that you have recieved from the first time you had the procedure done.

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How often you should have Thermage

Thermage tightens the collagen of the skin in the treated area, which tightens the skin. You will see the results gradually over 1 to 6 months after treatment. The changes don't "go away" but the aging process continues, so the collagen that was tightened will eventually loosen again. How often you get treated depends on your age, skin condition, and what your goals are. You can do it as often as every 6 months or every couple of years, to keep your skin tightened and postpone the need for surgery for a very long time.

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Thermage is usually done only once.

Almost everyone sees improvement with Thermage when it is done properly.  The results range from the subtle to the dramatic.  You will see the full result in 4 months, and after that it is long lastng.

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