How Much Does Smartlipo Cost for the Whole Abdomen Area?

I live in Texas City close to the Houston area and i would like to know around how much money will i be out of if i had my fat cells melted and skin tightened and toned, i need my love handles, mid stomach area and bottom stomach area done, can you please let me no how much i will be out of for this surgery. Thank you, Tammi

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SmarLipo Costs Vary

SmartLipo costs vary by local – so what one might pay in NYC might be different in Nashville, as it would be in Texas. On average, you can expect to be about $3,000-3,500 for the first area, then slightly less for each additional area you do at the same sitting.

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SmartLipo is usually charged by area


SmartLipo is usually charged by area. On average, it is about $3000 per area. So, if you are having your upper abdomen, lower abdomen and flanks done, you are looking at around $9000. The nice thing about SmartLipo is that that you can do one area one week and then a few weeks later do another area. The recovery is much faster than traditional liposuction.

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David Shafer, MD
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David Shafer, MD
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Houston Smart Lipo & Slim Lipo prices

The cost of any procedure is usually determined by 3-4 main factors:  The surgeon's fee, facility fee, anesthesia fees and disposables or implant fees (e.g. for breast augmentation).  Slim or Smart Lipo for the right candidate can be done in the office, surgery center, or hospital setting and the cost for the later two are higher.  Surgeon's can be determined by the area (or number of areas) treated and by how long the procedure might take.  Anesthesia and hospital fees vary around the same amount (e.g ~$3000 for 3 hours is a good benchmark).  To lease a laser machine for a day may be $1000 - $2000 K unless he surgeon owns the machine for which he is paying financing charges.

So with all this said:  How much does Slim or Smart Lipo cost?  In the Houston area it is not uncommon to see prices range from $4 - 6K  for the first area and with a 50% price reduction for second areas done at the same time.   For the whole abdomen area, some surgeons will count upper and lower as two separate areas.  You will find lower prices if the area in question is small, and higher prices if the area in question is large.  I would also caution against going to places that only offer procedures in the office.  This is usually a red flag that the surgeon may not really be a board certified plastic surgeon, but could be an ER physician, anesthesiologist, family practice physician or someone other physician who was lured into purchasing a Smart Lipo unit.  Some also invest heavily in marketing and inflate their prices.  Do you homework before you proceed.  Whether you do Slim Lipo, Smart Lipo or any other kind of liposuction, the main determinant of your results will be the training and experience of the person doing the procedure.  Good luck.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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Smart lipo for entire abdomen

The cost is around $5000 with everything included in Florida. The cost does varies significantly by geography.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
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Smartlipo for midsection

In Toronto, Ontario, you can expect to pay about the same price as other methods of liposuction. This is from $3000-$9000, depending on the number of areas treated. Price varies depending on the surgeon, surgical facility, city, and other factors, so it's best to find a good surgeon first before making a decision based on price alone.

If there is a substantial amount of loose skin, liposuction may not be the best choice. It often does not tighten the skin as much as patients would like, and can make sagging worse.You may want to consider a tummy tuck instead.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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