How Long Before I See Smart Lipo Results to my Abdomen Area?

I had smart lipo done to my lovehandles/hips and partial upper and lower abs on July 24, 2008. I have a noticeable difference in my hips and lovehandles but not in my abs at all. My stomach is still really hard it almost seems as if it is bigger than what it normally is.

I have been on a healthy weight loss program and am at my goal weight of 135lbs. I workout at least 4 days a week!! Pilates, elliptical, and a circuit!! I have had 2 c sections and one other surgery in which I was cut from pubic bone up to an inch above belly button.

My doctor is a great dr and I new him before I had the procedure done. He had to push through a lot of scar tissue surrounding my scar. He basically had to do more laser around that area. He took a total of 500cc out of my entire abdomen. He took out 300cc out of each one of my hips.

I am not a very big person so I thought and so did he that I would have great results. At my 1 month check up he said that I was very swollen and should be ok at my 3 month. That is only 2 weeks away. If you ask me this swelling is not going to go down by then. When should I expect to see abdomen results?

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Best results after SmartLipo

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Every patient is different and some might see there best results before others. At Vedas Medical Spa we give our patients the time frame of 90 days (3 Months) to see their best results. Before the patient has their procedure we will take pictures and compare them to the patient's 3 month follow up appointment.  Patients who drink lots of water, eat correctly, and do a detox might see sooner results. I hope this helps you on your journey w Smartlipo ! :)

May need more Smartlipo

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I would say that either not enough fat was removed or you have lax skin that can't be tightened up enough with Smartlipo alone. You may need a tummy tuck for the results you want. Diastasis recti may also be an issue (separated ab muscles).

Uh oh. 500 cc isn't all that much, so you may have reached your final results.

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500 cc isn't much at all to take out, so it is possible that you are looking at your final results. It may just be that your scar tissue is the challenge here. Usually, this is something that is reasonably evident before a procedure, but it is possible that you just don't have much fat there and this is where it all ends up.

As for the swelling, that is common for the first month, but if it is still happening at 3 months, that seems to be a red flag. See what your surgeon says at that follow up appointment and hopefully things will improve, but it does seem a bit concerning at this point that this may be your result.

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