Tightness on Inside of Breast when I Laugh, Cough, or Move Around.. Capsular Contracture?

From the day of surgMy R breast hurt worse. Now it's 2 wks post op and on the inside of my breast (near sternum) I feel this tightness going vertically when I laugh, cough or carry something like my purse on that arm. . I am massaging like crazy and my breast is soft. I am wondering if it is just my pec just still fighting about the implant or if it is a capsule starting. I am worried out of my mind. I put a pic and placed my finger where the tightness is. Feels like a rubber band. Thank you!!

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Tightness in the sternum

Hi, your tightness near the sternum is most likely due to your pec muscle stretching.  You are only two weeks out from breast augmentation.  Your body (muscle) has to adjust around the implant.  Since your surgery is so recent and that the implants are soft, I doubt that you have capsular contracture.  Try not to worry too much. Follow your plastic surgeon's recommendation and continue massaging your implants and scars.

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Tightness on Inside of Breast when I Laugh, Cough, or Move Around.. Capsular Contracture?

This pain and tightness is occurring where the muscle has been cut. The muscle just needs to heal and stretch out some more. These symptoms are not consistent with capsular contracture.

Kurtis Martin, MD
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Tightness 2 weeks post-op is most likely muscle tightness

In the area where you are talking about is the edge of the pectoral muscle at the attachment to the sternum, and it is likely that the implants that you have are placing some stretching force on the overlying muscle.  The fact that your breasts are soft and that you are only 2 weeks out from surgery argues against capsule contracture.  It is most likely that the pectoralis muscle is tight and being stretched with any arm movement or use.  Continue doing your massages, but do more of a soft stretching type of motion as opposed to "massaging them like crazy," and check with your surgeon about some supplemental medications like Motrin or a muscle relaxer to help for a couple of weeks too.  Continue to watch it, and report any changes to your surgeon immediately, but at this point, I wouldn't worry too much.  Good luck.

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Pains after augmentation but breasts soft and look good

usually means nothing bad is happening.  Anticipate the pains to diminish with time and keep your surgeon informed of your concerns.

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Tightness on Inside of Breast when I Laugh, Cough, or Move Around.. Capsular Contracture?

       The soft nature of the breast argues against capsular contracture.




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Muscle issue after breast augmentation?

It sounds like you are still havign some discomfort where the muscle is often dividied. If concerned, it is best to see your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Tightness in breast 2 weeks postop

It is difficult to make any diagnosis without a physical exam.  But you are only 2 weeks after surgery.  You are likley very swollen and it can take weeks to months for all this to settle down depending on the technique and procedure(s) performed and your healing potential.  My suggestion would be to followup with your PS who is most familiar with your surgery and your anatomy.  He/she will be the best person to address your concerns.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Dr. Basu

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