Does Taking Medication for Hypothyroidsm Affect Me Having a BBL?

I take Levothyroxine 75mcg to treat my hypothyroidism. Will this condition or medication affect me in any way of getting A Brazilian butt lift? Will this affect me in my pre-op labs?

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Not at all, if you are on your real weight or preferentelly 12 lbs up/ para nada siempre y cuando estes en tu peso a maximo 12 p

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it doesnt  affect to you  always you keep your  normal weight or preferentelly upper to |12 lbs ( but not more)

no te afecta para nada  siempre y cuando estes en tu peso o preferentemente que no rebases las 12 lbs. en exceso

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Brazilian Buttlift and Hypothyroidism

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     Hypothyroidism that is controlled will not pose an additional risk or impact the success of your Brazilian buttlift.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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