Horrible Pain 5 Weeks Post Lipo? (photo)

I had Lipo on my flanks (hips around lower back) The swelling is better and basically all bruising is gone but pain increased 10 fold!!!!! I am 5 weeks post opp and when my boyfriend gave me a hug and squeezed that area, I screamed in pain. If i was to run 3 steps it would feel like a million bee stings. So after surgery I was very sore and tender but my nurse did warn me pain gets worse later?!? It's not painful to sit or lay down, only when I move (bounce or jog a step). Is it normal?

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Severe Pain After 5 weeks of liposuction

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      If this pain follows a particular pattern on the skin, then a nerve entrapment may be developing.  Your plastic surgeon should be able to sort this out.

Severe pain 5 weeks after liposuction

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Your pain is unusual - being worse than most liposuction pain and long after your liposuction.

The severity suggests an inflamed or trapped nerve.

Surgery, surgical position and pressure from a garment can cause this.

I suggest see you plastic surgeon to determine the site.

You may need a nerve block.

If your plastic surgeon can't help, consider consulting a neurologist.

Horrible Pain 5 Weeks Post Lipo?

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Best to return to see your surgeon for advise than us guessing the cause of this increasing level of pain so late after liposuction. I bet a nerve is injured or has scar tissue forming. 

Long term pain after lipo is rare

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In general, discomfort after liposuction is not severe and patients are able to return to most activities within days. In your case there may be some nerve irritation which is not expected to be permanent, but your own surgeon is in the best position to advise you about what to expect.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Pain Likely From Nerve Re-Innervation

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Sensation to the skin is altered after liposuction because the smalll nerves that innervate the skin can be interrupted. Most studies show that patients experience numbness for up to 12 weeks postop on average.  Thereafter, nerve sensation returns to the skin.  When the sensation is returning it can be quite uncomfortable.  Nerve medications such as neurontin and lyrica have been found to be helpful for this problem. Discuss this matter further with your surgeon. Best wishes on your recovery.

George Bitar, MD
Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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