Gastric Bypass W/ Gall Bladder Removal

I read that sometimes the gall bladder is removed as part of the surgery. What determines whether I get to keep my gall bladder? Is it riskier if it's removed?

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Gallbladder removal with gastric bypass

We perform ultrasound of the gallbladder in all of our patients prior to surgery and recommend removal of the gallbladder in all patients that have gallstones.  If you pass a gallstone after gastric bypass surgery it can be very difficult to treat.

Long Island Bariatric Surgeon
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Gallbladder removal with gastric bypass

If you are having symptoms with your gallbladder and you are scheduled for a gastric bypass then it s very reasonable to have both done at  the same time without compromising outcome.  Typicall we do not perform both at the same time unless there is a specific reason to do so such as gallbladder symptoms with stones. 

Ricardo M. Bonnor, MD, FACS
Houston General Surgeon
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