HIV Positive - Liposuction Candidate?

I am a healthy HIV postive male with an undetectable viral load and a high cd4 count on medication. I have been struggling with fat around my waist (abdomen / flanks). I was curious as to find out if there was any doctor in San Antonio, TX what would be able to perform liposuction on those areas.

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HIV and Liposuction

    In HIV patients, I use disposable equipment so that these instruments are only used once.  This adds to the cost, but, if the patient is otherwise healthy, liposuction can be performed.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Liposuction in HIV patients

Yes many HIV + patients have had and continue to have liposuction.  It is especially useful in the treatment of the lipodystrophy associated with some of the retrovirals.

While caution should be used in performing these procedures, many can be done safely.

you should see a board certified PS to discuss your case.


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Cosmetic surgery and HIV

Hello and thank you for your question.

In general we recommend that HIV positive individuals weigh very carefully the possible risks of cosmetic surgery before undergoing treatment. Infection risk is not the only factor (as you know, with normal CD4 counts that is not necessarily an issue), but every surgical procedure is a significant stress on the system that should be considered carefully in the light of possible alterations in overall immune competency.

Alternatives to liposuction are available that may be effective in such case. Coolscuplting by Zeltig has been seen as an effective means to reduce those areas without surgery. I do not offer this procedure as our Center focuses only on surgical treatment but it is available in many locations.

Mario Diana, MD
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