Having Third Eyebrow Tattoo removal Treatment. Noticing Swelling Post-Op, Is This Damaging My Eyes?

And after each treatment my eyes get swelling too much during two days, my concern is if it could affect my eyes in the future time?(they protect my eyes during treatments)

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Re: Swelling After Laser Tattoo Removal

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It is quite common for the skin to be red and swollen after getting laser tattoo removal. Although laser is a light energy, it turns into heat energy when it enters your system. Your skin does respond to this heat, almost like an injury. And this is why the inflammation occurs. It is basically a natural process where your body rallies what it perceives to be necessary resources to heal the trauma. Swelling usually occurs during inflammation. 

However, since the laser only targeted your skin, It is unlikely to affect your eyes. Be sure to wear eye protection during your treatments. Consult your dermatologist laser specialist with all concerns.


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Thank you for the question. With laser tattoo treatment, the laser energy is traumatizing the skin causing some  inflammation to occur. This may be associate with swelling which can track downwards  around the eyes. there should be no damage to the eyes themselves. 

I hope this helps

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