Does anyone do lipedema liposuction or other lipedema treatment in Pennsylvania?

I can't find lipedema liposuction in Pennsylvania, nor any other treatment for it. Exercise and diet DOES NOT work :( This is NOT lymphedema, totally different conditions with similar names. I see other questions on here that asked about lipedema and they were unfortunately answered as if they asked about lymphedema. Please Google if you have yet to hear of lipedema. I have it in my arms and legs. I carry many extra pounds in my extremities from this condition (too ashamed to add photos).

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Hello There!  Thank you for writing this question.  Many physicians have not heard of lipedema.  It is classically overlooked as obesity and does not respond to diet and exercise as you may have experienced.  In my experience, treating many patients with Lipedema by using tumescent liposuction techniques (WAL - water assisted Liposuction, PAL - power assisted liposuction and sometimes Smart Lipo which is a laser that can help retract the skin), the results can be very good.  Many patients report that their pain and swelling, associated with Lipedema, diminishes very soon after surgery.  There are not too many surgeons who do treat this disease so PLEASE research and find a well qualified surgeon who has lots of experience in treating Lipedema!  Best Wishes to you!

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Lipedema liposuction

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This is a highly specialized procedure.  I am aware of surgeons at MD Anderson who frequently do liposuction for lymphedema.

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