Hard lumps in ear piercing. Clear like drainage from left piercing?

About over month ago I got my ears pierced again ( above the first ones).Although, My left ear piercing was still very painful and its been over 12 weeks, The left ear piercing did tend to get caught on my pillow since i sleep on that ear but I still cleaned it daily. I finally took them out and noticed that they immediately became swollen and a hard lump seemed to form. I then noticed a clear like pus draining from the left piercing. what is this lump? could it be a sign of an infection?

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Earlobe keloids and removal of the keloids with surgery in Los Angeles

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A consultation with a plastic surgeon may help you find a solution. Our office specializes in earlobe keloids and these can be removed with a minor procedure.

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

Hard lump in ear piercing with drainage.

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The pain and drainage sounds like infection.  I would get checked out asap by a doctor in your area.  You may need a round of antibiotics if it is infection.  Best of luck.

Problem after ear piercing

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You most likely have an infected ear piercing, a metal allergy to the earrings or both.
Apply warm soaks to the ear lobe and see your doctor for antibiotics.
The piercing may close up. If so, have it re-pierced under sterile conditions by your regulator doctor or a plastic or facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Lump in earlobe after piercing

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You very well could have an infection after piercing, particularly if you notice plus coming out of the piercing hole.  I would consider doing antibiotics. The other consideration that you might have is a cyst that has formed underneath the skin. I would allow for this to heal completely, then reevaluate whether there is an underlying cyst. This would have to be excised before you had any additional piercings to that same general region.

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