2 Weeks After Breast Reduction Was Called About Abnormal Pathology Results, What Could This Be?

I had breast reduction 2 weeks ago and received a call from my primary care office(who have called before weith mis-information) and asked if I made an appointment with a specialist to go over the breast pathology results. I could get no additional ifnormation from them other than it was the tissue removed at surgey. I called the surgeons office and he is in surgery all day so I have to wait until my next appointment which fortunately is tomorrow. Any blanket things it could be?

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Breast surgery and pathology

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If there were abnormal findings ont he pathology, it is best to discuss them with your doctor directly so he can go over it with your carefully and offer advice about what can be done for you.

Breast Reduction and pathology results

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Breast tissue is routinely sent for pathology evaluation after a breast reduction, and the notice from your doctor's office doen't mean that anything is necessarily wrong.  However, make certain your surgeon explains the pathology report to you.  It is also a good idea to keep a copy of the report for your own records.

Breast reduction pathology results

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Hope all goes well.  I send all breast tissue removed during breast reduction for pathologic evaluation.  Mammography is known not to produce completely accurate results in women with overly large breasts.  It is possible that the pathology has disclosed changes in the breast tissue.  This is best discussed with your plastic surgery and, if necessary, a general surgeon.  This occurs at least once or twice a year in my patient population and it is better to be cautious than sorry.  Wishing you all the best.  Dr. K

Breast Reduction Pathology?

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Given that your appointment is today you will have the answer you are looking for without speculation from online consultants.  Best wishes.

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