Is Hair Removal on the (Testicles,scrotum) by Laser May Be Cause Infertility in Future?

Is hair removal on the (testicles,scrotum)and pubic hair by (laser) have any risks or possible effects on the ability to have children in the future in the short term or long term? I want to do that, but I am very afraid that this will lead to (infertility) in short time or in the future,or any other problems in my testicles..Is it 100% safe or not? Even by 1%,meaning it affects the efficient functioning of the testicles,Even by 1% or no,,safe 100%.meaning no any risk on testicles never?

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Laser Hair Removal Will Not Affect Fertility

There is no risk for laser hair removal to be done here – the laser light will not penetrate deep enough for anything bad to happen. The biggest hurdle here is finding someone to do the procedure; some may not feel comfortable treating this area.

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Laser hair removal

The depth of penetration of this light energy should  not be deep enough to penetrate the inner tissues of the testicle. It would be prudent for the doctor to check with the company of the laser they use specifically, in terms of your question before proceeding with your treatment. Different lasers have different wavelengths of visible light.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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