Gummy Bear Implants Heavier Than Silicone Implants?

Had 10 year old silicone removed and Gummy Bears and Breast Lift done, again. Breasts are very heavy and lollipop scars sore. 4 months post op and sternum is swollen and hurts to touch. Is this standard. Am feeling uncomfortable asking Dr. Had none of these symptoms with first surgery which was much more severe. Could the Gummies be too heavy for my chest?

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Gummy Bear Implants Heavier Than Silicone Implants?

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No there are not. Did you increase the size? Also 4 months postop sounds quite long to still be having these described issues. seek in person second opinion. 

Gummy bear versus silicone weight

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The density of the gummy bear implants and the less cohesive silicone implants is very close.  Unless you changed volume, there should be very little difference in weight. My guess is that your symptoms are not related to the type of implant. 

That said, if you are that uncomfortable four months after your operation, you should ask your surgeon.   We are not just here for the operation.   Our role in the process includes pre-operative counseling, the surgery, and all post operative care.  We expect and want problems to be addressed.

You need to tell your surgeon and have him/ her examine you.  If you are uncomfortable with your surgeon, find someone new.

Gordon Lewis, MD
Midlothian Plastic Surgeon
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Are Gummy Bear Implants Heavier

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Great question! I have recently been thinking about this as well, because many of patients have had similar complaints with the shaped (gummy bear) implants. They are not heavier if you were to compare similar implants on a scale. The only thing I have hypothesized is that the shaped implants resist shape change. Therefore if you wore a bra or clothing that tried to "push up" the implants, they would resist that change. Perhaps this would feel heavier on your bra straps and/or shoulders. Hope that helps!

Gummy Bear Implants vs. Silcone Implants

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The form-stable implants (gummy-bear) are not any heavier than regular silicone implants.  Your recovery is probably related to more dissection and correction from prior surgery, including an additional breast-lift.  Several things such as anti-inflammatory medications, scar massage. or physical therapy might expedite your healing and recuperation. 

Gummy bear breast implants

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Gummy bear silicone implants weigh about the same as regular silcone implants.  The larger an implant is, the more it will weigh and stretch the skin.  Just like large, heavy breasts, over time very large implants can cause breast discomfort or sagging.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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