Do I really need to wear a garment and yoga mat after Smartlipo?

According to the Dr. I must wear a piece of yoga mat that goes all arround my stomach before putting the garment and also a thin shirt underneath the mat so it doesnt burn my skin. The reason why i have to do all this is because he doesnt want the garment to make any dentations on my skin which can be permanent. Now to me all this is way too much and super uncomfortable specially when i have to do it 24/7 for 4 wks. What can i do? Thanks!

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Foam is useful for the first week

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What your doctor is saying is true, to a point.  It is useful to use a layer of foam between the garment and binder to avoid indentations.  I recommend that my patients wear the foam for only a week and the garment for one month.  The foam does not need to be a yoga mat, the type we use can be found at any craft store.  I hope this helps! 

Yoga mat after lipo?

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Namaste!  I have never heard this one before but there is always a first. If he wants more compression, some use foam padding.  Good luck.

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