What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage after tummy tuck?

I have been reading about ladies getting lymphactic drainage massage after their tummy tuck. I just wanted to know what is the purpose and if it is suggested that I get them. If so how many and how often and at what point post op?

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Lymphatic drainage massage

Thanks for your question. Lymphatic massage may help decrease swelling and thus speeds up your recovery time. It is important to follow your surgeon's recommendations.


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Lymphatic massage

Hi and thanks for the question. Lymphatic massage is truly beneficial after tummy tucks and liposuction. The maneuver helps your lymphatic channels to "open up"and drain excessive edema that surrounds your muscles and soft tissues. You can begin after 2-3 weeks and may continue for. 2-3 months. Good luck. 

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Lymphatic drainage massage

Hello. Its proved taht Lymphatic drainage massage diminish edema, improves wound healing, decrease seroma complication precent, reurlarly 10 sessions are indicated, your plastic surgeon should tell when to egin these massages but usually at first week pos surgery they can begin.


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Lymphatic massage after TT

We highly recommend lymphatic drainage massage after TT or any surgery for that matter.  We offer this type of massage at our Spa retreat post op surgery. Our staff is trained in post op care.

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Lymphatic drainage massage is actually very beneficial postoperatively for all types of surgery.

Lymphatic drainage massage is actually very beneficial postoperatively for all types of surgery if performed by someone with experience.An accumulation of fluid which sits in the tissue is what causes swelling and discomfort.Helping this fluid move through the lymphatic system can accelerate the healing process.

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
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