I Feel Like my Nipples Are Too Close Together. I Am Two Weeks Post Breast Reduction?

Can I expect them to separate over the next six months? Also will the sensitivity calm down as time goes by? They are constantly "at attention" making their placement obvious. Btw, the surgeon removed about 750 g from each breast, and I went from an h to a big d.

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Lots of changes ahead two weeks after breast reduction.

You experience changes in sensibility, shape, in volume in the month going forward. For now, take care of your incisions in your breasts in general.

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Nipple sensativity

Hypersensativity post breast reduction is common and will most likely settle. Nipple position will determined at the time of the procedure though, and may change to some degree as post operative swelling resolves, though is not likely to change greatly


Jeremy Hunt 

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Abnormal Nipple Position.

I think a picture would be helpful.  Unfortunately, if the nipples are in an abnormal position they are unlikely to make significant changes in position.  

Dr. ES

I Feel Like my Nipples Are Too Close Together. I Am Two Weeks Post Breast Reduction?

        At two weeks, things will change quite a bit as swelling resolves and tissues relax, but pictures or an exam would be necessary to make any meaningful statements about areolar position.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Nipples too close after breast reduction

WIthout seeing photos, it is impossible to comment on the appearance of your breasts. If you just had surgery, then they are probably swollen.

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Nipples to close and hypersensitivity


Without photos it is difficult to comment on your nipple placement.  With regards to the hypersensitivity, this is a known phenomena with breast reduction and is due to pulling, stretching and also injury to the nerve.  It tends to settle, however takes time and the sensation may not return to complete normal.

Hope all goes well

Stephen Salerno


Nipples too close and too sensitive after breast reduction

Can't comment on nipples without pictures.  Sensitivity can be normalized with "systematic desensitization": take a vibrator and start away from the nipple and move towards it until it feels uncomfortable.  Remove the vibrator before it is too unpleasant and repeat the exercise 10-12 times in a row 2-3 times per day.  This will get rid of hypersensitivity in a week.

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Nipples after breast reduction

The sensitivity/nipple erection is typical after breast reduction surgery and this will resolve over time.  In terms of the nipple placement, without photos it is difficult to assess.  You are certainly still swollen and this can affect the breast shape and proportions as well.

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Breast reduction and nipple placement

With a sizable breast reduction there is definitely going to be an adjustment period.  Undoubtedly you nipples were very wide apart prior to the surgery.   The nipples area usually placed along the breast meridian, generally this means moving them up and in.  You are still very early in the healing process give it time before you start to judge the final result.  Also the sensation in the nipples will change with time as well.  

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Concerns about Nipple/Areola Position after Breast Reduction Surgery?

Congratulations on having undergone the breast reduction procedure.  Without direct examination or viewing pictures is not possible to advise you about the position of the nipple/areola complexes. Unfortunately,  although the breast will certainly change over the course of the next several months, it is not possible  to state  that the nipple/areola complexes will “separate” with time. Generally speaking, hypersensitivity of the nipple/areola complexes do tend to settle down over the course of the first year after breast reduction surgery.

 Best to follow-up with your plastic surgeon who is in a much better position to advise you.

 Best wishes.

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