What can I do to have a full beautiful smile? (Photo)

I'm in the process of whitening my teeth. I want to be able to smile comfortably and fill in all the gaps u see in the picture

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There are two main choices;
1.  Orthodontic treatment either with Invisalign or braces by an orthodontist
2.  Porcelain veneers to improve the shape, color and get rid of the gaps between the teeth.  This option however will include shaving down the enamel of your teeth in order to make room for the veneers, but it can give you the most ideal result in less time.

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Dr. Maddahi

Beverly Hills Dentist
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Clear Orthotodontic Aligners

Based on the images of your teeth, I would recommend to use Clear Aligners systems, like INVISALIGN to correct the spacing and enhance your smile. Typically treatments like this can be done 2x as fast as conventional orthodontics. I treat cases like yours everyday and I am confident your smile will look terrific once completed.

All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
Los Angeles Dentist
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