FUE and Cowlicks?

I've decided to get a hair transplant. I'm 29, and still have most of my hair: approximately a #2 on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale. Most of my hair loss happened in a short period when I was 25, and has not worsened since then. I have a prominent cowlick on the crown of my head, and another in my hairline, which, both are areas I'd like to reforest. Is it possible to have the cowlick hairs rearranged, while the work is being done in those areas? Thank you.

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Yes it is possible to how cowlick hairs rearranged.  But you may go on to lose more hair and it may show as you age.  Thus you need an exam for a better idea of what is possible and set your expectations and goals with your surgeon.

With respect to FUE, it would be a great method if you are worried about the linear scar on the back of the head.

Focus more on the surgeon who can do the surgery rather than the method.

A bad FUE surgery is the same as a bad Strip surgery... It's still bad.  (FUE is just a method or harvesting the hair, not transplanting the hair)

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FUE and Cowlicks

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I love doing Cowlicks. This takes skills and after 15000+ surgeries, I have lots of practice doing them both in the front and in the crown.  Reforesting is easy in the hands of a good surgeon and surgical team with lots of experience. Look at the pictures on my gallery below in the Web Reference.

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There are many methods of hair transplantation.  Wanted them RFUE and another can be a surgical flap.  Grafts can be taken with as few as one hair follicle or multiple follicles.  The quality of the hair, the number of follicles per unit and the location in which the hair is to be placed are all important determinants in the final result.  While it is a common misconception that hair can and should be taken from any location, taking appropriate hair from an appropriate location is key to success.  For instance, one cannot always use hair from a beard to replace a frontal hairline.  The orientation in which Harris placed is also important.  If the frontal hairline is being created then it is important to make sure that hairs are aligned in the correct orientation.  The way the hair is also laid down, for example a staggered pattern versus a straight line will also change the quality of the result.  You should certainly visit with a surgeon who does many of these types of transplantations as well as offers multiple options for hair restoration.  The cost can vary by geographic locale.  In general they can arrange from $7000-$25,000.  When you go over consultation ask for before and after photographs.

Hair Transplantation and Cowlick

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It is in fact possible to lessen -  but not eliminate-  the appearance of a cowlick.  These are extremely challenging procedures, coupled on top of that is the fact that you are relatively young.  In general, I recommend an FUE procedure, done conservatively so as to minimize damage to your existing hairs.

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Re: FUE and Cowlicks

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Your current state of hair loss can certainly be addressed through hair restoration. In Follicular Unit Extraction, natural groupings of 1-4 hairs would be extracted from areas where you still have strong hair growth.


These would be inserted into the areas affected by baldness according to natural hair growth patterns (e.g. angles and orientation etc.) But addressing your cowlick in the same procedure would not be a feasible approach. Unless you naturally loose all the hair forming your cowlicks, it is best to work with the cowlicks

Sanusi Umar, MD
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FUE design in hair transplants

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It is possible depending on how much hair you have left.  The less hair the better it is for redesign.  You should discuss the details of this with your FUE hair transplant doctor. 

Rashid M. Rashid, PhD, MD
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