Front Top of Head is Egg Shaped, Can This Permanently and Safely Be Recontoured by Adding Material (Bone Paste)?

For many years now I have been bothered by the shape of the top of my head. The top front of my skull bumps up and if you were looking straight at me it would be very prominent if my head was shaved bald-I'm 30 years old and thinning. I have researched bone paste and the endoscopic approach to filling in either side of this bump to make the top of my head appear more rounded instead of looking like it comes to a point. How expensive would a procedure like this cost and is it a permanent result?

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Egg-Shaped Skull Reshaping

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The peaked or egg-shaped skull can be successfully recontoured with a combination of sagittal ridge reduction and building up the sides with bone cement. This is ideally done with an open approach of which the fine scalp scar has its limitations in men with little hair to hide it. Bone cement can be placed through a limited incision technique (the endoscope has no value in doing it) but without direct shaping of the material it is prone to irregularities and edge step-off issues. 

Bumpy scalp/forehead

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Cranioplast could be used to bring the low spots to be more level. I have done this with an open approach.  I imagine it can be done with an endoscope. Maybe you will get a response from someone with such skills. surgery of this nature should cost between $4000- $10,000. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

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