How many days after a breast augmentation will I need someone to help care for me?

I am hoping to have a breast augmentation in the near future. The only person I'm going to tell is my husband and he will be the one helping me during recovery. How many days will he need to take off of work before I'm able to independently move around and take care of myself?

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Plan on at least 4 days of assisted recovery.

I recommend at least 4 days of rest with minimal physical activity after having a breast augmentation procedure. You’re like to need the most help during those first 4 days but you may want to plan on taking a longer initial recovery period to ensure that you’re ready to be on your own when your husband goes back to work. Depending on your schedules, you may be able to plan your procedure for later in the week so your husband can take fewer days off work and the weekend can be part of your recovery time.

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Ask Him to Take the Day & Night Off

Because breast augmentation is typically performed using a general anesthetic, you'll need your husband to be available overnight the day of surgery. Some plastic surgeons, including myself, specialize in breast augmentation techniques that minimize trauma and recovery. This rapid recovery approach means that patients can shower and even go out to dinner the day of surgery. If you choose a surgeon who offers rapid recovery, you'll be able to take care of yourself the day after your breast augmentation. If you have children, you'll want to plan for your husband or another adult to take care of running errands and other physical activities for the first few days after surgery.

Craig W. Colville, MD, FACS
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Care and Supervision Following a Breast Augmentation

Thank you very much for your question. Assistance from your husband will be most needed the two to three days after surgery. Initially, you will be tired and sore. Additionally, you cannot drive until you are off pain medications. Heavy lifting, meaning even of children, should be avoided for four to six weeks. Most patients are feeling well enough to resume normal activities in a week or less. Your plastic surgeon can best explain what to expect during your individual breast augmentation recovery. 

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
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Recovery after BA

Breast augmentation is a much quicker recovery than you would think. I would recommend having someone at home to help you for 2-3 days at most. Most patients are independent after a weekends worth of recovery. Best of luck!

Bradley A. Hubbard, MD
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Breast augmentation post op care

Thank you for your question.  Typically speaking, if a patient has an uneventful recovery experience, in our practice many patients find they are able to return to light office work one week after surgery.

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Lane F. Smith, M.D., F.A.A.C.S., F.A.O.H.N.S., F.A.B.F.P.R.S.
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Lane Smith, MD
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Recovery Timeline

Thank you for your question. I typically recommend 1 week off for my BA patients. The level of assistance you may need largely depends on your required activities. You may use your hands and complete simple tasks but I advise my patients to avoid lifting over 10 pounds for 6 weeks and avoid cardio workouts for 3 weeks post op. Many Plastic Surgeons will ask you not to lift your arms over your head for at least the first few days and this can cause discomfort so help with getting dressed is useful the first week. Everyone experiences pain differently. I recommend that you talk with your Plastic Surgeon about what to expect as you recover and what activity limitations they have for you.
All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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How many days after a breast augmentation will I need someone to help care for me?

Thanks for an important question.  I recommend to most of my patients to plan on having some help at home for at least 1-2 days after surgery.  You most likely will not need much assistance with activities at home after that time period.  Remember, you won't be able to drive until you are off pain medications.  Sometimes, patients will require some pain medication for the first week.  Good luck!

Naveen Setty, MD
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How many days after a breast augmentation will I need someone to help care for me

Thank you for your question. Would be best to have your husband help with your recovery in the first 2-3 days.  If you have your surgery on a Friday, your husband should only take one day off work.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes. 

Jeff Angobaldo, MD
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Assistance needed for day of surgery. #24HourRecovery

Thanks for your question. Breast augmentation should be a 24hour recovery. The day of surgery you will need someone around to drive and keep an eye on you. Hopefully you won't need much pain medication if it's a straightforward case. This allows you to be very independent and not rely on others. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Two days should be plenty

Breast augmentation is realtively easy surgery to recover from.  Most patients only need help on the day of surgery. However you can factor in another day to play it safe.

Vasdev Rai, MD
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