Fraxel Treatment Made my Frown Lines Worse?

I had Fraxel laser therapy for 2 scars above my lips and also down around my frown lines. I went 4 times 6 weeks apart and then returned once after a 1 year break. When I returned the clinician set the settings to the level I of my last visit, even though I had progressed to that level.

I now feel like she burned my face (I still have redness) and made my frown lines more pronounced and deeper. Could this be possible?

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Fraxel should help wrinkles over time

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I suspect what you are seeing is an effect of the swelling and healing after the Frawxel treatment. Over time collagen remodeling and new collagen stimulated by the fraxel treatments should improve lines. Between the brows, these lines will also need relaxation from botox for improvement. Any constant creasing of the area will diminish or negate any improvement from the laser and botox relaxation will prevent this.

Fraxel treatment is effective for wrinkles at rest

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In other words, Fraxel helps wrinkles at rest. Motion wrinkles I feel are best improved with Botox or Dysport.

The reddness you are experiencing may be the result of a more aggressive treatment and will fade within a few weeks to months depending on how aggressive the laser settings were.

I would let healing occur and let nature do its job. The reddness as long as it it not raised will fade with time. If you have concerns talk to your doctor. Remember, your doctor is on your side and wants you to heal properly.

Good luck.

Lenore Sikorski, MD
Orange County Dermatologist
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