More Fraxel to Fix Fraxel Damage?

I had fraxel done & they did skin needling to increase effectiveness. They used tatoo needle and now, (7 weeks post) I have a lot of deep scarring - some resemble deep acne pits, some scars are long wide and deep. Returned to Dr. and he injected small amount of silicon in depressed scars & suggested more fraxel & more silicon as needed to lift scars.

Now I'm reading more about silicon and am frightened I will have problems with silicon. Am I better off just trying to correct with fraxel? Can I even have fraxel with this? Can I utilize another filler instead of silicon now?? Can I utilize a dermaroller and try to correct damage that way vs. filler or fraxel? Please, please help before I make another mistake!

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Try another physician

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This doesn't sound like normal care. I haven't heard of treating with Fraxel and needling at the same time. Perhaps it was subcision, but still I would not do this at the same time. Also, only 7 weeks out, I would not treat with such a permanent filler. At this point, more fraxel or a pulse dye laser (V Beam) would probably be helpful.

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Fraxel to Repair Damage From Tatoo Needles and Laser Treatment

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Hi M,

Sorry to hear about your problem.

It is difficult to answer your question without further information. Exactly what company's laser were you treated with and at what settings? Your skin damage is more likely from the skin needling with the tatoo needle than from Fraxel, if indeed the laser used was actually a Fraxel machine. Fraxel will help with scars. Photos of your face would be helpful.

There are select physician who have had great success with micro-droplet Silikon-1000 injections, Jay and Channing Barnett MDs in NYC, Eric Joseph MD in NJ, Alan Wirtzer MD in LA.

You can have Fraxel after having had Silikon.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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