Still Have Redness, 4 Weeks Post-Fraxel

I have done my 1st Fraxel laser treatment for acne scars. It’s been 4 week and still have redness on cheeks, they look like they had sun burn. I am also getting breakout. My skin type is brown and Doctor prescribed me bleach to reduce pigmentation change and light treatment for redness. Has anyone experienced this?

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Redness is usually temporary after Fraxel.

Thanks for your question.  Aggressive fraxel settings are necessary to get deep enough to remodel your scars. This redness is common after certain laser resurfacing treatments and should eventually fade within a month or two. GloMinerals make up line makes a product called redness relief that help reduce the red until it fades on its own.  Good luck!

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Ask your doctor about Desonide cream 0.05%

I am assuming that you have been treated with Fraxel Repair for your acne scarring. The redness in most people has faded by three to four weeks.

In the past with the older traditional CO2 lasers, the redness would sometimes last up to a year. I would be shocked if your redness doesn't resolve very soon. The redness will always fade away over time, the time period varies depending on the individual. Be patient and it should continue to gradually fade away. Continue to follow your physicians advice. Ask your doctor about Desonide cream 0.05% which helps with the redness. Keep us informed of your progress, and be well.

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