Will Fraxel Restore help with enlarged nose pores? TCA Cross? (photo)

I have been trying the right treatments, which seem to keep the blackheads away, however I believe I might have some minor scarring + enlarged pores on my nose from previous blackheads. This has been going on for about 8 months, and I was hoping that with better treatments I could slightly reverse some of the damage on my nose. I don't have expectations for "perfect pores". I would just like to know how successful a laser would be compared to other methods, when it comes to enlarged pores on the nose.

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Fraxel Restore Laser can help large pores.

The Fraxel Restore laser can help shrink.enlarged pores, however it will not completely remove them. Large pores are genetic and usually goes along with oily skin. Treatments that clean the pores and inhibit oil production are most effective. The Fraxel 1550nm wavelength has an effect on inibiting oil production from the pores that I have found to be useful. Maintenance treatment are necessary. Fraxel Clear and Brilliant has also been shown to decrease pore size by approximately 19% after a series of treatments. Once again maintenance is necessary. Low dose Accutane is also very effective, but difficult to prescribe.

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