No Peeling After Having Fraxel Re:pair?

I did my treatment one week ago and the skin did not turn brown at all. The skin went pink/ red for the past few days and now it is turning back without any peeling. I do not see much improvements on my skin either. Was the setting too low? I am currently using Cetaphil cleanser on Day 6, would switching back to using vinegar soaks help?

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Peeling After Fraxel Repair

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Some patients don't always get significant crusting, and just turn red and swell, and have nice results, as the procedure stimulates collagen production and the results come on over 3-6 months from the new collagen that is laid down.  Sometimes lower settings can also account for not having a lot of crusting, but depending the amount of photodamage, and the location of the treatment, aggressive settings are not always indicated.  Give it time.

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