Having Subcision and Fraxel on Same Day?

Can Subcision be done prior to Fraxel re:store on the same day?

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Subcision and Fraxel

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Unless there will be multiple subcisions and/or extensive subcision ("undermining" and release), it should be quite safe to do both on the same day. The only other suggestion might be the use of the Fraxel re:Pair as opposed to the re:Store. The re:Store does give good results with multiple treatments, but in my experience the re:Pair may be slightly better. Discuss the options with your physician.

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Fraxel and Subcision on the Same Day

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Hi T,

You again, only one question per day per costumer!

It should not be a problem having subcision and Fraxel re:store on the same day, oblviously discuss this with your treating physician.

Be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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