Is Fraxel Repair Ok with a Pacemaker?

With exilis, isn't it similar to Fraxel repair?

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No pacemaker electrical problems with fraxel

you shouldn't have to worry about problematic electrical issues with fraxel like you do with electrocautery, but it is still a good idea to check with your cardiologist before proceeding. there is some discomfort with the procedure, which could impact someone with significant heart issues  and there is topical anesthesia and sometimes sedation utilized. 

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Fraxel with a Pacemaker

As far as I know there are no contraindications to having Fraxel treatments if you have a pacemaker.  As long as there are no magnets involved and no radio-frequency, it should be fine.  Always confirm with your cardiologist first though!

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Fraxel vs. Exilis... Patient with Pacemaker...

Fraxel and Exilis are completely different.  Fraxel is a fractional Erbium Laser that resurfaces the skin, improving texture, sundamage, and antiaging effects. Exilis is Radio Frequency machine that stimulates collagen production and tightens the tissues. There is no contraindication with Fraxel and patients with a pacemaker.


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