How Long Does It Take for Skin Redness to Disappear After Fraxel Re:Pair?

Fraxel Repair 2 weeks in, redness not abating as quickly as I'd like. Had this thing done about 2 weeks ago - exactly 2 weeks to the day now - and my nasal region (nasal bridge) down to nose area is very very red. I'm getting quite concerned about it sticking around much much longer post treatment and was wondering what would be the best methods available to help my skin resolve the redness? I'm considering vbeam and will be heading out tomorrow to get some emu oil if I can find it.

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Redness from Fraxel Repair resolves in a matter of weeks

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It can take 2-8 weeks for redness to disappear, depending on your skin type and the intensity of the treatment.

Topical corticosteroids can be use to hasten the resolution. The Vbeam can be considered after a few weeks as well, possibly earlier depending on the case.

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Redness after Fraxel

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Thank you for your question. After a series of 2 to 4 Fraxel treatments, the cumulative cosmetic improvement is near more aggressive lasers, but unlike more aggressive lasers, redness and swelling is eliminated within 2 to 4 days after each treatment. I would suggest scheduling an appointment with the doctor who performed the treatment so he or she can assess the redness. Best of luck.

Check with a Dermatologist laser expert in your area

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It can take 2-8 weeks for redness to disappear, depending on the laser intensity used, your skin type and the number of passes done as well as the expertise of the operator. The average should be 3-4 weeks unless you were treated very aggressively.

I would check with a dermatologist laser expert in your area after 4 weeks if it has not resolved (which it most likely will by then) just to be sure that you are doing everything possible to promote ideal healing. We offer a plethora of "after care" lotions and prescriptions as well as, additional lasers & light therapies (such as L.E.D. Red Light) to clear up any lingering discolorations and help promote healing.

Shino Bay Aguilera, DO
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Redness Post Fraxel: Repair

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Thank you for your question. Patients can expect 5 to7 days of social downtime after a Fraxel Repair treatment. During this period the skin looks red, inflamed and slightly swollen. You may notice the skin to appear dry and feel tight. Our patients also note that they appear slightly red/pink, similar to a fresh sunburn, for up 3 to 4 weeks after their Fraxel treatment. A emollient liquid foundation can be applied to help offset redness and many of our patients have had success using an aloe based facial cream, such as MEG21 Redness Relief, to help soothe the red, sensitive skin after a treatment. Good Luck!

Scott Chapin, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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At 2 weeks most people have a red sunburned appearance after Fraxel Repair.  This gradually fades over time.  In my experience it can take up to 4-8 weeks to look normal.  Green based make up under foundation can help to mask the red.

Jerome Potozkin, MD
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2 weeks to months

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Depending on the individual redness after Fraxel re:pair can persist from two weeks up to two months. 

Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Redness after Fraxel Re:Pair

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This will depend on the patient's Fitzpatrick skin type and how aggressive a treatment the patient had done.  Patient's with red hair and lower Fitzpatrick skin types will tend to remain red longer than those with higher Fitzpatrick skin types.  

We recommend post laser continued consultation with the treating physician after laser therapy to tweak the skin care and optimize the outcome.  Topical steroid creams can help.  Early avoidance of caustic skin care products with irritants such as antioxidants or acids also helps.  We recommend early treatment with mist therapy to hydrate the skin and quicken the recovery period.  One product which has been very helpful is SkinMedica Redness Relief Calmplex.

Regardless, the post laser erythema (redness) can persist for up to 3 to 6 month and will vary drastically from patient to patient.  

John L. Burns Jr., MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Redness 2 weeks after Fraxel Re:Pair is not at all unusual

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Facial redness after Fraxel Re:Pair normally resolves in 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the intensity of your treatment and the sensitivity of your skin, but some patients may take longer.   It is not at all unusual to still be red 2 weeks post procedure.  I would recommend following up with your physician to rule out any reason for excessive redness, such as a secondary infection, but otherwise give it a little more time.  If your skin is still red after 4 to 6 weeks, the VBeam (pulsed dye laser) should help speed resolution.

Melissa A. Bogle, MD
Houston Dermatologist

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