Do Fraxel Re:pair Results Get Better over Time?

Are the results with the new Fraxel Re:pair progressive as they are with the Re:Store?
Heard that results with the Fraxel are somewhat immediate for acne scars, but they get a lot better as the months go by after treatments. Is this true with the new Re:Pair too? One would only think that being it goes so much deeper that it takes time for the deeper wounds to heal and produces collagen. Is this true?

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Fraxel Repair: continued improvement over time

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Yes, in fact after a Fraxel repair treatment session, the collagen remodelling process continues so that further improvement is often seen for about 6 months.   

Lutherville Dermatologist

Continued improvements with Fraxel Repair

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Both of the physician level Fraxel lasers create a collagen building response. The Fraxel Restore is at this date still the preferred laser for acne scarring. This is because your skin will have the benefit of multiple stimulation events ( 4 to 6 estimated ) that will spur your body to generate new collagen every time.

The Fraxel Repair could be a faster remedy but I'm projecting that you'd still need a couple of treatments for acne scar improvement - maybe more. And then there is the downtime.

The Fraxel Restore is a kinder laser in terms of treatment pain and the healing is faster. Costs factor in for most people, so when looking at multiple treatments and other issues, those with acne scars who will likely need multiple sessions generally make the Fraxel Restore their choice.

For general resurfacing to improve sun damaged skin and facial laxity, the Repair is an excellent choice for most. There are some reservations for patients who have a heritage of darker skin as the Fraxel Repair can stir up the melanin production at the same time it tightens and cleans up sun damage.

Both treatments have a substantial positive track record when used at correct setting for a particular skin type and skin thickness. Everyone has different skin integrity, sensitivities and collagen building ability. Age plays its own card in the game as collagen production capabilities slow with age. This means younger patients typically have a quicker end result.

Lasers are powerful mediums that can have powerful effects so I advise anyone looking into any laser treatment to really do their homework and pick a physician with extensive experience.

Nissan Pilest, MD
Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fraxel re:pair Results Improve Over Time

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Hi Jason,

Yes, the results do improve over time. The initial tightening of the skin and improvement in skin irregularities is from the immediate vaporization of skin where the laser columns hit the skin up to 1.6 millimeters deep. The adjacent skin that is not vaporized from the laser hit is heated, stimulating new collagen formation that lasts from 4-6 months.

Patients usually look their best from about 3 to 12 weeks after their treatment because there is still some inflammatory swelling present. Somewhere around 3-4 months following the treatment, patients may see their results lessening by a very small percentage (3-5%; note: 78% of statistics are made up at the time they are cited) as all of their swelling disappears. From that point on, the correction is maintained.

To summarize, the results of Fraxel re:pair improve over time, decrease by a fine line or two, and then maintain at a plateau high above the original skin condition.

Be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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