Fraxel--are Red Patches Normal After Treatments?

I had my third Fraxel treatment three weeks ago, and one area on my cheek is kind of blotchy, and another is slightly reddish, about half an inch, and it just wouldn't go away. It looks simply irritated (even though it isn't) and appears to just be on the surface. Is this normal in collagen regrowth? And what other treatments can be used to even out the skin tone, if need be? Thanks.

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Guess that you aren't a Red Sox fan

Hi Yanks lover,

Three weeks after Fraxel re:store treatment the skin should be back to normal. I would return to your treating physician for evaluation. A steroid cream may be the answer, but have your physician make that decision. Most likely time will resolve your issue. It is not normal collagen regrowth or it would not be just that one area. Let us know how you are in a few weeks. (Sorry about the Yankees missing the playoffs this year) Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Red patches after Fraxel treatment

There are several types of Fraxel lasers. It is not unusual to have a small amount of redness after a Fraxel treatment. However, if the Fraxel treatment you had is Fraxel Restore, you should not have redness at this point. If it was a Fraxel Repair treatment, it is also not likely that you have redness at this point, but it is still possible. Having redness is not a sign of collagen formation. It is also possible that the redness has nothing to do with the laser treatment at all. I would have to see you to determine the source of your redness.

David Goldberg, MD
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