Is Fraxel the Right Treatment for Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles?

i had a 1 treatment fraxel treatment under my eyes for the circles, bags under my eyes (not dark circles).. but no improvement, i done everything to try to tighten the skin under my eye area to make me look less tired. im 44 yrs old and i been going thru this for a long time.. would having more fraxel treatments help? what can you do for it?

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Fraxel Laser Treatment for Eyebags

Fraxel can be used to tighten the skin. However if the underlying cause of the eye bags is the protrusion of fat (often the case) , the best treatment is surgical whereby the fat is either removed or fixed to the cheek bones and excess skin removed.

In other cases dermal fillers can be used to camouflage the protrusion.

If the cause is not from fat protrusion and mostly from mild skin droopiness with wrinkling, Fraxel laser would be a good option.

Fraxel repair is more effective than Fraxel restore/Dual. However, Fraxel repair is only indicated in lighter skinned Caucasians while Fraxel restore/Dual caters to darker skinned individuals...


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Fraxel the right treatment?

  There is no educated answer to your question without seeing photos.  That said, although in the dark without photos, my guess would be that Fraxel is not the besat treatment for your problem.  Consider either an under eye filler or eyelid surgery.  It may sound like a dirty word but if you truly have under eye bags, eyelid surgery may be your best treatment (by an experienced oculoplastic surgeon).

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