Fraxel Laser on Partial or Full Face?

Everyone who has performed the Fraxel Laser Treatment, have you treated whole face or just partial areas for examples, where only the scars are?

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You can treat small areas on the entire face with Fraxel

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Are you asking about the Fraxel repair or the restore? One thing to consider is the skin color of the patient.

If a patient has darker skin, I would more strongly favor treating the entire face. I have done the treatments both ways and patients have been happy, but some do regret not doing the entire face because their results are so good in the smaller area treated.

I have treated just the nose, just the cheeks, just the forehead, the whole face with the exception of the forehead, and just around the eyes or mouth.

Research your doctor and you should examine their curriculum vitae (resume). Board certification in dermatology or plastic surgery is highly preferred, and the doctor should be performing the treatment, not delegating it to a nurse or PA.

We own the Fraxel repair, Fraxel restore and Active FX, and the Fraxel repair gives the most impressive results in most cases.

Take care.

Dr. Groff

San Diego Dermatologist
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It varies

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If regions are treated instead of full face, it can be less expensive, but in general, I feel most patients benefit from full face treatments. I do use it for discreet scars like from skin cancer surgery, but it is rare to see acne scars localized. I'd ask your treating doctor what their opinion is, based on your clinical presentation.

Good luck.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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Fraxel Laser for Scars...Partial or Full Face Treatment?

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Hi Fraxel Man in Los Angeles,

I have treated patients both in partial areas for acne or traumatic scars, as well as treating the entire face in others. It really depends on what the goals of the treatment are, and where the scarring is. Many acne patients have partial treatments, while those who also want to look younger have full face treatments

When partially treating, I treat cosmetic units. For example if the scars are on the mid cheek, then the entire cheek area is treated.

The advantage of full treatment is that the tone and texture of the skin is the same. I have treated a few patients partially around their eyes and mouth areas for wrinkles (because of financial limitations). Once they heal, they regret not having treated the entire face because though the color is the same, the tone and texture is so much better in the treated areas.

Choose your treating physician carefully.

Be well.

Dr. P (Fraxel Doc in Los Angeles)

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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