Is It Ok To Have Fraxel Co2 if You Are Trying to Get Pregnant?

Should you have fraxel c02 if you are tying to get pregnant? Is it then safe to continue while you are pregnant?

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Avoid Fraxel if trying to get pregnant

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I would recommend avoiding any laser resurfacing treatment including Fraxel CO2 because you will need topical and intralesional anesthesia.  For this reason alone, I would not perform the procedure on the off chance that you may be pregnant on the day of the procedure.  Furthermore, your skin may undergo a slew of hormonal changes while pregnant thus you may want to wait until after you are not trying to get pregnant anymore.


Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

Fraxel and Pregnancy

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If you are not currently pregnant and would like to have Fraxel laser treatments, you can certainly go right ahead.  However once you become pregnant it is definitely recommended that you stop. While it is likely not harmful, there are no studies to support the safety.  There likely will never be a study in pregnant patients, so just be patient and wait until after you have your baby to resume treatments.

Lisa Kates, MD
Annapolis Dermatologist

Avoid Fraxel If Trying To Get Pregnant

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Thank you for your question. I would suggest avoiding any kind of laser resurfacing including Fraxel CO2 because you will need topical and intralesional anesthesia. You may also undergo hormonal changes on your skin while you are pregnant. There has been no study of the effects on Fraxel treatment on pregnant women. I recommend you wait until after your pregnancy to have treatment. Best of Luck and Congratulations!

Hardik Soni, MD (not currently practicing)
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

Don't have Carbon Dioxide laser if you're trying to get pregnant

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Carbon dioxide laser, whether fractional or non-fractional, requires several days of healing. THere can be special requirements in post operative care depending on your individual course. You don't want to risk scarring or pigmentation problems and the hormones of pregancy can influence the healing.  If there were to be special treatments, such as antibiotics by mouth, or topically, anti-viral medications, anesthetic, sedatives, to be used during and after the treatment, your doctor might not be able to use them if you were pregnant and it might compromise the treatment or final result. It is best to do such an elective cosmetic procedure after you have completed nursing your infant should you become pregnant, or when you are sure you are not pregnant and not trying to conceive.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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