Forehead Narrowing Possible? (photo)

Is there a surgical method to reduce the width of the forehead to appear like the girl in the right? Could the areas marked by the blue arrows be narrowed down? I would like it to appear as wide as the red arrows indicate. Or is this surgically impossible?

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I think you have to consider the potential risks of any procedure.

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When dealing with someone who is very attractive, one must ask if surgery will help make the person look better or not.  Often in this situation, there is very little room make an improvement.  Often these types of changes actually end up making that person look worse not better.  Is it possible to make your forehead less wide-yes.  However, this will also make you look older.  May advice here is to be careful what you look for.

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Narrow a forehead

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This can be done with follicular unit hair transplants . The grafts have to come from donor regions where the hair is fine and the recipient sites have to made with the acute angularity that characterizes hair in that part of the body. Be sure to consult with an experienced hair restoration surgeon, not a counselor or a salesperson. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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