How Can I Permanetly Lower my One Eyebrow to Acheive Symmetry As Opposed to Raising the Opposite Eyebrow? (photo)

Okay so all my life i've wondered why I look good in some photos and really bad in others, until just in this past year I finally clued in that my eyebrows are significantly assymetrical which has really been effected my self-confidence. Anyways, the problem is that my "good side" is the side with the lower eyebrow, and I would do anything to get my other eyebrow to rest the same way. I'm looking for a permanent solution. I've heard about a reverse brow lift but I don't know much about it or how

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Reverse browlift on one side

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Usually, the problem you have is due to too much muscle activity on one side (the high side), or to an orbital dystopia accompanied by changes in the surrounding bone.

Looking at your pictures, however, this may not be the case.

If after getting Botox into the frontalis muscle above that brow there is not improvement, you may indeed benefit from a reverse browlift on one side.  The chances of improvement (not perfection) with such a procedure are good.

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Reverse unilateral brow lift

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Most reverse brow lifts have been done for those patients whose brows were too high after surgery. By reversing the steps of an endoscopic brow lift the brows can be restored to close to  their original position. A unilateral brow lowering on a previously non-operated brow may be possible , but I have not done one. Perhaps another surgeon will have a positive past experience.

You might consider first .having Botox injected above the brow to relax the elevating muscles causing trhe depressors of the brow to be more dominent. Of course this is not permanent.  

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetry in the Eyebrow

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Eyebrow asymmetry can often be improved with either a completely one-sided brow lift or a brow lift that raises one side more than the other. The method chosen will depend on what other issues you wish to correct. Since it will vary depending on your specific situation, a consultation with a board certified facial plastic surgeon is necessary to determine the best approach.

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lowering an eyebrow

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I would suggest trying Botox, Xeomin or Dysport injections on the forehead with the higher eyebrow to determine if it is a muscle problem and then you can better decide with your surgeon whether a forehead surgical procedure is warranted.

Uneven eyebrows

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First, you need to find out why they are uneven. You need a good exam to determine whether or not you have muscle weakness of your forehead and more importantly, whether you have upper eyelid ptosis (muscle weakness). This can result in a reflex elevation of your eyebrow and can affect one lid more than the other. If everything checks out, test the waters with Botox or Dysport to the higher side. 

How Can I Permanetly Lower my One Eyebrow to Acheive Symmetry As Opposed to Raising the Opposite Eyebrow? (photo)

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Yes I see the asymmetry. Try Botox first than possible direct excision lifting as easy answers. Open forehead lifting more involved. 

Uneven Eyebrows

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The asymmetry you mention in your eyebrow locations almost always comes from an unequal use of the muscles that raise the brows. This is pretty much a subconscious activity. I am unaware of any procedure other than the occasional Botox injection that would fix that.


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This is quite easy to do with a relatively small dose of Botox! Find a physician with lots of experience for the best results

J. Charles Finn, MD
Raleigh-Durham Facial Plastic Surgeon
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