Are Flippers Available for Missing Molars?

Hello, About 10 years ago I had tooth #29 pulled and as a result, needed to have a bridge. Now, tooth #30 has become damaged and I need to have it pulled. My dentist recommended implants to replace #29 and #30. Without going into my life story, my smile is the one thing I've always been complimented on. I am terrified of losing it. :( When I have #30 pulled, is there a way to hide the gaps so I can still smile? Also, would mini implants work for those missing teeth? Thank you for any help!

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Flippers for missing molars

There are different types of removable appliance to wear when you have one or more than one tooth missing. Flippers are the very common ones,but also SNAP ON SMILE is the latest appliance to wear that looks great and functions better!

Fairfax Dentist

Flipper partials for missing back teeth - a temporary measure.

You can get a posterior partial flipper for missing posterior teeth but you must realize that it will primarily only be used for aesthetics and to prevent the surrounding teeth from moving into the missing space.  They are generally used as a temporary measure only.  Flippers do not offer much function such as for chewing but can do the trick when aesthetics is an issue.  You would generally need to have a posterior tooth present behind the space to allow better retention for the flipper. 

I would strongly recommend to get implants as soon as you can otherwise the bone will gradually shrink away and a future site for an implant will be compromised.  If implants are placed the partial flipper can be used to cover the implants while they are healing.  By doing so you can temporarily resolve your aesthetic concern of having no teeth present .  Once the implants can be restored with crowns you can say goodbye to the flipper and start to function normally without the discomfort of a loose flipper.  

Dan Haas, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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