Can a Palate Expander Cause an Open Bite?

Can a palate expander induce an open bite? My orthodontist is for some reason refusing to treat me with a palate expander and is using the idea that a palate expander may cause me to have an open bite? I find this a little far-fetched. This is particularly because my bite as it stands is not all that bad. I have a somewhat class III pattern, however my upper jaw does sit just slightly over my lower jaw. My problem is my molars do not meet and I need my upper jaw expanded. Should I get a second opinion?

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Second opinion from an Orthodontist

Dear joseph 22: Your orthodontist might be entirely correct. A rapid palatal expander is used in children or teenagers as the body grows and we can use the body's own growth pattern to expand the upper jaw. this can happen only if the median palatal suture is still open. that is the ridge in the center of the palate that runs from step back. as an adult, did suture is closed. if you do attempt to expand the palat on in adults, you might end up pushing it back teeth outside the bony limits of the jaw. Effectively pushing the teeth out of the bone to the side. Unfortunately, the best advice I can give you is to obtain a second opinion from an orthodontist who treats adults. Best of luck, Dr. Zev Kaufman

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