Flipped Ports. First Right, and then Left?

I had surgery march this year and in June my right port flipped, I had surgery to replace the port, the. 2 weeks ago my left port flipped, they have now fixed this, thy said this has never happend before, is it my life style? I live on 4 th floor no lift with 2 small kids, is lifting a problem ?

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Tissue Expander port flipped

I am assuming this is referring to the port for the tissue expander.  

Many of the modern tissue expanders have the port incorporated into the tissue expander, making it impossible to flip unless the whole expander were too flip.   This is also unlikely because the expanders have suture tabs to prevent them from moving.

If your surgeon used an expander with a separate port, it may be worthwhile discussing other tissue expander options to minimize this risk.

Dr. Gill

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Flipping ports?

Assuming these are ports for your expanders or implants, they are not expected to flip 2 months after being placed as your body should have healed around the port, making it near impossible to 'flip'.  Your surgeon needs to explain the possibilities to you better instead of simply saying 'this has never happened before'.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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